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Uncover Finland and immerse yourself in the most awe-inspiring landscapes in the world. Get up close with nature, meet Santa Claus himself, experience the sauna culture and feel a fairy-tale come true in Finland.

winter northern lights experience

Helsinki and Rovaniemi

Get exposed to the cleanest air in the world and set off for a magical holiday experience with Santa Claus, his reindeers and the adorable huskies. Go all the way from watching the northern lights dance in the arctic sky to the beautiful city of Helsinki.

Summer midnight sun experience

Rovaniemi and Helsinki

Get enthralled on your summer holiday to Finland as you meet Santa Claus, his reindeers and the adorable huskies. Feel the increment in temperature on your experience in one of the most relaxing saunas in the world and then go exploring the beauty of Helsinki and Talinn.

Finnish Luxury Getaway

Expose yourself to the winter magic of the breathtaking unspoilt forests of Finland, gaze at the stunning aurora displays and experience the fusion of wild beauty and contemporary design.

Helsinki, Levi and Rovaniemi

Explore the trio of Helsinki, Rovaniemi and Levi. The winter season brings with it various unique experiences such as a snowmobiling, husky and reindeer safaris and aurora horse treks - enjoy them all in one enchanting trip!

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