United Arab Emirates

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From the desert to the sea, from the traditional architecture to the modern luxuries, discover the dynamic Dubai as it grows unstoppably, reimagining the future.


This spectacular city of superlatives that would have something new to offer every time you get there.

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Dubai in a New Light

There is so much more to this metropolis than first meets the eye. Explore Dubai in a New Light as you step off-the-beaten path into the picturesque enclave of mountains, wadis, dams and fresh air.


Just up the coast from Dubai, the emirate of Sharjah is a place that truly cherishes its heritage so if you’re looking to take the pace down a notch in UAE, this trip promises a healthy dose of peace and quiet clubbed with desert adventures.

Abu Dhabi

The UAE's forward-thinking cultural heart, Abu Dhabi glistens with architecturally impressive buildings and an array of cultural and outdoor attractions and activities.

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